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Print ISSN: 0128-6730


Jurnal Syariah is a multidisciplinary academic journal published semiannually by the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya. The Jurnal Syariah provides a significant platform for scholars to publish writings on Shariah Studies in its classical and contemporary perspectives. This includes the discussion on fiqh and its jurisprudence, economics, law, political sciences, public administrations and social Sciences. The journal welcomes submission of articles, research papers, report on Shariah court cases and book reviews in the field of Shariah studies.

Since 2008 Jurnal Syariah has increased its publication to thrice a year. Full text of selected articles published in Jurnal Syariah can be downloaded at

A list of the titles of previous articles and further information on Jurnal Syariah can be viewed at

Editor-in-Chief : Professor Dr Raihanah Hj Abdullah - University of Malaya

Editorial Board :
Professor Dr Ebrahim Moosa - Duke University
Professor Dr Taslima Monsoor - University of Dhaka
Professor Dr Uswatun Hasanah - Universitas Indonesia
Professor Datuk Dr Abdul Monir bin Yaacob - Universiti Islam Malaysia
Professor Dr Joni Tamkin Borhan - University of Malaya
Professor Dr Amir Husin Mohd Nor - Islamic Science University of Malaysia
Associate Professor Dr Mohamed Azam bin Mohamed Adil - Universiti Teknologi MARA
Associate Professor Dr Noor Aisha Abdul Rahman - National University of Singapore
Associate Professor Dr Ab. Mumin Ab. Ghani - University of Malaya
Associate Professor Dr Atikullah Hj. Abdullah - Universiti Sains Malaysia
Associate Professor Dr Abdul Karim Ali - University of Malaya
Associate Professor Dr Sharifah Hayaati Syed Ismail - University of Malaya
Associate Professor Dr Siti Mashitoh Mahamood - University of Malaya
Dr Mesraini - Universitas Islam Negeri, Sheriff Hidayatullah, Jakarta, Indonesia
Dr Kerstin Steiner - Monash University

Dr Asmak Ab Rahman - University of Malaya

Dr Luqman Abdullah - University of Malaya
Dr Nor Azzah Kamri - University of Malaya
Dr Saadan Man - University of Malaya
Dr Kamaruzzaman Noordin - University of Malaya
Dr Zalina Zakaria - University of Malaya
Dr Nor Aini Ali - University of Malaya
Dr Suhaili Sarif - University of Malaya


All manuscripts, general correspondence and enquiries should be addressed to:

The Editor
Shariah Journal,
Academy of Islamic Studies,
University of Malaya,
50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (03) 7967-6000 Fax: (03) 7967-6147


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