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Pengajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI): Penerimaan dan kesannya terhadap status Bahasa Melayu

Chew Fong Peng, Joseph Milton Fernando

Volume 23, Issue 1
Abstract :

The implementation of the Teaching Science and Mathematics in English (EteMeS) programme since 2003 has been met with some resistance from several groups who feel that the programme will undermine the status of the Malay language. This study is intended to gauge the acceptance rate and the effects of the EteMeS programme on the status of the Malay language based on the Collier Model Construct (1995). A questionnaire is used as a research tool to survey the opinions of Form Three students. This group consists of 60 students from rural schools and 60 from urban schools. In addition, feedback from 10 teachers are also taken into consideration to prove the validity of the findings. This study shows that the students accept the programme positively. They felt that their fluency in English has improved without any influence on command of the Malay language. However, the teachers in this study expressed their anxiety about the declining Malay language standards among the students.

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