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Jurnal Pengajian Media Malaysia



E-ISSN: 2231-8143
Print ISSN: 1511-2284
Publisher: Department of Media Studies, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Malaya

Jurnal Pengajian Media Malaysia, JPMM (Malaysian Journal of Media Studies, MJMS) is an interdisciplinary journal in media and communication studies, published twice a year. Contributions of research articles, theoretical papers as well as review articles in media and communication studies and related fields are welcomed.

JPMM/MJMS is indexed in Google Scholar, the Malaysian Citation Centre and MyCite Citation Report


Chief Editor

Assoc. Prof. Dr Hamedi Mohd Adnan

Editorial Board

Professor Dr Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak
Professor Dr Azizah Hamzah
Y.Bhg. Assoc. Prof. Dr Datin Hasmah Zanuddin
Dr Mohamad Saleeh Rahamad
Dr Md Azalanshah Md Syed
Dr Siti Ezaleila Mustafa
Dr Amira Sariyati Firdaus
Dr Shahreen Mat Nayan
Ms Nor Zaliza Sarmiti @ Sarmidi

Editorial Advisors
Emeritus Professor Datuk Abu Bakar Abd Hamid (University of Malaya)
Professor Drew McDaniel (Ohio University)
Dr Tony Wilson, (Monash University)
Professor Dr P. Kitley, (University of Wollongong)
Professor Dr Deddy Mulyana, (Universitas Padjadjaran)


Now in its 15th year, the Malaysian Journal of Media Studies (MJMS) / Jurnal Pengajian Media Malaysia (JPMM) is an open access, interdisciplinary media and communication journal. MJMS-JPMM provides a platform for media educators, researchers, practitioners, and students to publish original research, review papers, and other scholarly works. It welcomes manuscripts in both English and in Bahasa Melayu.

The Malaysian Journal of Media Studies / Jurnal Pengajian Media Malaysia (MJMS-JPMM) is now calling for reviewers and paper contributors for Volume 17, 2015. Please see below for details.

Call for Reviewers
Researchers with a good track of scholarly publications (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, research monographs) or with experience editing or reviewing scholarly papers are invited to serve on MJMS-JPMM’s Review Panel. Please register your interest in reviewing for MJMS-JPMM at the following link: Reviewer Details Form

Call for Papers
The Malaysian Journal of Media Studies is now accepting submissions for Volume 17 to be published in 2015. The journal invites research articles, theoretical papers, as well as book reviews touching upon any aspect of media and communication. Please the Submission Guidelines below for further details.

Submission Guidelines
Editors Policy
The editors welcome research papers, essays and reviews either in English or Bahasa Melayu. The journal will only consider manuscripts not previously published or currently under consideration by another publication. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright of the article is transferred to the publisher when it is accepted for publication.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
Authors are highly encouraged to use MJMS-JPMM’ manuscript template. Click here for the manuscript template. This template is also available at the end of this Call for Papers (CfP) if have a Microsoft Word copy of this CfP.
Please adhere to the following guidelines:
● Language : English (US or UK spelling) or Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
● Font : Times New Roman
● Font Size : 12 pt
● Spacing : double spacing
● Citation & References : APA Style
● Word count : 5,000-7,000 words (incl. references, tables and figures.)

Manuscript Submission Rules & Deadline
● Articles should be accompanied by a cover page with the paper title and author/s details (institutional affiliation, email address, postal address).
● Author name and other identification information must not appear anywhere else in the manuscript, except the cover page.
● All articles should be accompanied by an abstract of about 300 words and five keywords in English. Articles in Malay should include English versions of the Malay abstract, keywords and full title.
● Full papers should be sent in Microsoft Word
● Paper filenames should follow the following conventions:
o (Short title)_(Author’s Name)
o Examples
▪ Elder media use _John Doe
▪ New journalism ethics_Adam Ishak
● The deadline for submitting papers is 31st January 2015
● Please email your paper to

Articles and enquires can be sent by e-mail to

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of full papers for Volume 17 Issue 1 : 31st January 2015

MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF MEDIA STUDIES (MJMS) provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among the media educators, researchers, practitioners, and students. It seeks to present research findings, bibliographic essays, analysis of issues, and articles in communication, publishing, journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, film, and other specializations within the broad areas of media studies.
The editors welcome research papers, essays and reviews either in Malay or English. Only manuscripts not previously published will be accepted. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright of the article is transferred to the publisher when it is accepted for publication.
  • Length: Full-length article submissions should be roughly 5,000-7,000 words.
  • Submission: All papers must be sent directly through e-mail to the editor.
  • Abstract: All articles must have one paragraph of abstract about 300 words and also five keywords in English. Articles in Malay must have equivalent abstract, keywords and full title in English.
  • Style: This journal follows the APA Style for referencing and citations.
  • References: References are using the Author-Date System and authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness.
  • Editing: Editors will edit the manuscript according to fixed style and specification.

Articles and enquires can be sent by e-mail to the editorial team,  


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